Whats The Most Unhygienic Item In An Irish Hotel Room?

Whats The Most Unhygienic Item In An Irish Hotel Room?

Hotel ,B&B and Guest House Owners in Ireland should read this?

The tourism sector in Ireland as we all know is a very important important part of our economy and it is also good news for all of us that the tourism sector has ridden the economic storm that we have all endured for the last number of years.

That hoteliers have an obligation to provide their guests with a safe and secure environment during their stay, is an obvious unwritten rule.

It is for good reason we have board Failte.

Hoteliers on an everyday down side have the day-to-day additional work of keeping an eye on online reviews and ratings and what not and in this day and age, many customers will expect and demand a germ free environment during their stay.

It is safe to assume that some members of the public are more concerned with hotel room cleanliness than others and for some sanitation and cleanliness is a factor that they will take into account when selecting that hotel room to book- or a factor they will consider from online reviews?

Guess What One of the Most Unhygienic Items in An Irish Hotel is Likely to Be ?

An article from the American Society for microbiology which rather interestingly confirmed the results of a study finding that remote controls were one of the most contaminated objects in a hotel room.

We thought that many B&B owners and guesthouse owners and hotel owners in Ireland might not have considered the danger of a remote control from a health perspective as it is hardly the first object to spring to mind.

This interesting article noted that a study conducted by the University of Houston along with researchers from two other universities sampled a variety of surfaces in hotel rooms in the southern USA, testing for levels of bacteria and bacterial contamination on surfaces.

What is interesting about this study is the finding of high levels of bacteria contamination on TV remote controls and bedside lamps .

We thought this information might be of some interest to our readers and customers in the tourism sector in Ireland, purely in the context of focusing upon the cleanliness of an object that would not immediately spring to mind.

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