Being Treated in Hospital for one thing and leaving with another!

Being Treated in Hospital for one thing and leaving with another!

Washing Your Hands Prevents Infection & Will Save Lives in Irish Hospitals

Many in our society are Treated in Hospital for common enough medical conditions but could leave with something else.

How often have you heard in idle chit chat with a neighbour or friend that so and so went to a hospital for traditional treatment of some kind only to get more seriously ill through an infection picked up in the hospital?

As we are in the business of hygiene and first aid in Ireland for over 20 years, we have an interest in hand hygiene, because we sell hand hygiene products amongst other health hygiene products.

However, even our vested interest does not detract from the significant benefits that the simple task of proper hand washing can achieve, for us, our loved ones and indeed our wider society.

Watch the video below because we believe it is food for thought.

Educating us that in our hospitals or indeed our care facilities in Ireland if we all wash our hands, we stop the spread of infection and this simple act can save lives.

That includes our loved ones the patients- themselves, their doctors and nurses, and indeed us the visitors.

Pople are Treated in Hospital to get well or to be treated for some condition BUT each year in the US patients get more than a million infections in hospital while they are being treated there for something else.

One would imagine that pro rata the position is unlikely to be different in Ireland.

In the following video from the Centre for Disease Control & Prevention, you will see the HUGE BENEFITS FOR ALL CONCERNED from something so simple- Washing Your Hands!

For Patients Being Treated in Hospital this video is thought provoking

In Our Little Way, We Can Help!

We are an Irish Company that has operated in the sectors of Hygiene and First Aid for over 20 years so we know a thing or two. If you browse what we have on offer when it comes to hand hygiene we think that you will agree that the benefits far outweigh the cost involved.

So why not CONTACT US TODAY and we can discuss how we can help protect your business or care facility.

You Owe It to yourself, your loved ones or indeed customers or visitors to your business to be prepared for those unforeseen accidents or injuries that unfortunately just happen in life.

Visit our First Aid Online Store and Enjoy Savings and the ease of shopping from your chair and being responsible into the bargain.


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