SAVE LIVES in Ireland

SAVE LIVES in Ireland – Wash Your Hands !

Wash Your Hands & Make Good Hand Hygiene a Priority in Ireland For All Our Sakes!

The World Health Organisation have a thought provoking video online “SAVE LIVES_WASH YOUR HANDS” which we post below.

Most of us from when we could walk learned the importance of hand washing.

For many of us, it has become a lifelong habit that as a bonus, that we may not always realise, protects our health and equally importantly that of those around us that we care for.

For 20 years we have sold hand hygiene products to customers ranging from hotels and restaurants to schools and nursing homes in Ireland. They have appreciated the dangers posed by poor hand hygiene.

Indeed even those of us who are flippant or careless when it comes to washing our hands, know deep down in our subconscious that germs love hands and fingers, but we adopt the” it will not happen to me mindset”.

Maybe it’s the busy pace of life and modern day stresses that causes some of us to be lax, but it gets scary when the World Health Organisation produce a video like this directed basically to health care providers who do not wash their hands.

As the WHO quote in this video ” adherence to hand hygiene in health care is very low, only 39% worldwide”.

That is a frightening statistic as is the stat that each year “millions of patients are affected by infections transmitted in health care settings”.

Watch the video, it is simple and concentrates the mind, and next time you visit a friend or loved one in hospital-remember your hands could be a weapon – wash them! And the same goes for staff and personnel in our health care facilities here in Ireland!

Remember infection can be caused by poor hand hygiene.

The same risk exists in your home or office and whilst obviously not as great as in a health care facility it is a risk.

So promote good hand hygiene in the home and workplace!

For Irish Health Care Providers We Can Help In Our Own Little Way with products to Wash Your Hands Effectively?

If you have watched this video from the world’s leading authority, one fact sticks out namely that simple and cost effective measures can be put into place easily.

Apart from training and increasing awareness they state that hand hygiene can be improved “THROUGH ACCESS TO ALCOHOL BASED HANDRUB SOLUTIONS and washing facilities”

A big part of our business in Ireland here at Ted Kelleher First Aid & Hygiene for over 20 years.

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