Sensor Paper Hand Towel Dispenser


Sensor Worked Hand towel Dispenser
Hygienic and Economic usage are the clear advantages over other standard hand towel dispensers when using our new sensor worked hand towel dispensers units.
The wide sensor which extends the entire length of the dispenser can easily detect hand motion. Because the dispenser works only on hands fee sensors the user is always guaranteed clean and unused paper.
The Benefits of the Motion Sensitive roll style paper towel dispensers are
1. Hand Towels are released without direct contact
2. Paper is only given when required, otherwise paper remains in the dispenser
3. There is only clean and unused paper in the dispenser
1.       The Length of the paper is easily adjustable (anywhere between 15 to 80cm)
2.       Time Delay between uses is also adjustable 0.5 up to 5 sec)
3.       Low battery consumption (up to 85 hand towel rolls per set of batteries)
1.       The dispenser  is insensitive to light (no accidental set – off)
2.       Hand Towel Rolls are easily replaced
3.       Very comfortable operation due to the wide sensor area.
4.       Battery powered so need for electrical wiring.
Dimensions of the dispenser are as following Height 345 X Width 330 X Depth 215 mm.