Sanitaire is an Emergency clean up powder with deodorizer which makes the highly unpleasant
job of cleaning up vomit, body fluids & everyday spillages – a breeze.
Just Some examples of who Sanitare Can Help
This product is useful for all sorts of people …………for example,
Nursing Homes
Taxi/bus drivers
Pet Owners
Vets surgeries
Because Sanitare is useful for anyone who wishes to clean up vomit (or other unpleasant liquids)
as fast and effectively as possible.
It is an essential product for any classroom, car, bus, medical center or residential home –
with the added benefit that it eliminates the smell of vomit and it transforms vomit in to a dry substance ensuring it is easier for the person cleaning up to complete this unpleasant task……EASILY AND QUICKLY.
This Emergency clean up with deodorizer is a proven way to clean up vomit, body fluids & everyday spillages.
Sanitare is especially suitable for schools, where children are situated, as a child may vomit on the floor or desk and their classmates run the risk of picking up the infection.
For school staff Sanitare makes the unpleasant task of cleaning up vomit so much easier.
How It Works – Simple
Just Liberally sprinkle the powder on to the affected area and allow approximately 90 seconds
before easily sweeping the spillage or vomit up.
Easy to store in your desk/car/taxi/bus for that unexpected accident.
Unit: 240g per Tub (code 0191)
This remarkable product is just €9.50 a small price to pay when compared to what it can do for
you…. So Be Prepared ! …BUY NOW