Preventing Sunburn in Ireland

Preventing Sunburn in Ireland

Preventing Sunburn in Ireland

With the recent great weather we have had in Ireland I had intended to post earlier than now about Sunburn and the dangers of the sun.

Preventing sunburn in Ireland – We all know that too much time under harmful UV rays can cause burning, and even worse, skin cancer.

How many of us however actively prepare for too much sun …..  some of us will prepare when planning for that sun holiday abroad but here at home some of us will take it as it comes, and take our chances as it were.

Indeed for those of us here at home that work largely outdoors how many factor in harmful UV rays as something to actually worry about on a regular basis.

Make no mistake about it  skin cancer is a problem, and none of us have an exemption from the risk-young or old.

I recently came across a useful iPhone app that should be of interest to many of you out there and for those planning that sun holiday, or closer to home for those of you who work outdoors.

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Wolfram Sun Exposure Reference App

Preventing Sunburn in Ireland

Wolfram Sun Exposure is worth looking at for that upcoming sun holiday.

Why leave a sunburned face or back to luck when you can have your phone keep help you.

For €1.09 – or less than the price of a bar of chocolate – the Wolfram Sun Exposure Reference App will work out where you are and exactly how long you can be in the sun without burning based on your complexion, time of day and the SPF you’re using. It also provides a UV forecast for your location.

Basically, it works by calculating the UV rays on any given day at any location across the world. By entering your skin tone and the factor of the suntan lotion you’re about to use, the app will tell you how long you should spend baking. It will also breakdown the times of sunburn depending on higher factor lotions too, so you have a clear picture of how to stay safe. Think how useful this would be for the children who do not know any better about the dangers of the sun.

Preventing Sunburn in Ireland – this app should be useful for outdoor workers in Ireland too.