Preventing Coronavirus in Ireland?

Preventing Coronavirus in Ireland?

Thoughts about the Coronavirus in Ireland

Coronavirus in Ireland – will it hit us?. At this moment in time, this may seem an out of place headline because the coronavirus has not yet hit our shores here in Ireland.

However is it fair to suggest that it may be only a matter of time before it does? What appears worrying about the coronavirus is the speed with which it has spread and the ease with which it has spread.

Both online and in print currently we are bombarded with all sorts of stories about the coronavirus. One of the newspapers recently wrote a story about how the Chinatown district in London is almost empty because of fears about the virus which whilst unfounded nevertheless makes the point that outbreaks of infections are bad for business.

The newspapers also recently had a story about a UK businessman who after attending a conference in China, unknowingly contracted it, returned to Europe and whilst on holiday in France passed the virus on to other European nationals. Worrying stuff. Hopefully, the virus never reaches our shores but you have to wonder! With the ease of travel through planes trains and automobiles, how long will we last?

On a more down-to-earth note, as a business that supplies hygiene products designed to reduce the chances of people acquiring an infection in the first place, it never ceases to amaze us how many businesses in Ireland are lax about hygiene in the workplace and indeed taking steps to prevent outbreaks of contagious infections.

The “it won’t happen to me” philosophy is head in the sand stuff.

We are in the business of Hygiene and First Aid for over 20 years so whether you are a business owner who needs high hygiene standards or a public service or school talk to us!

What you can do to prevent Coronavirus in Ireland workplace infections?

We are a great believer in the assertion that prevention is better than cure.

No product that we are aware of can categorically guarantee that staff will never contract an infection but there are easy ways to implement prevention tactics and there are some great products out there to help reduce the risk of infection.

Coronavirus in Ireland⦁ Obviously staff, for example, should have the annual flu jab for influenza.
⦁ Every business should promote proper handwashing techniques for staff
⦁ Business owners should educate themselves as to how hygiene initiatives can greatly reduce the risk of an outbreak of infection in the workplace.
⦁ Office administrators need to be versed on germ hotspots, namely an appreciation of the fact that many nasty germs and viruses thrive on surfaces such as office equipment, phones, photocopiers, computer keyboards etc. They need to be treated regularly. Check out a novel product we sell SaniGuard

The benefits of good workplace hygiene are many and downsides in being lax huge.

Forgetting altogether about the coronavirus, the annual flu season can have devastating effects on any business in Ireland with key staff out of action- hiring short term staff-being just 2 factors

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