Outdoor Workers-Most at Risk of Skin Cancer in Ireland?

Outdoor Workers-Most at Risk of Skin Cancer in Ireland?

Skin Cancer in Ireland, are words that on face value makes you think” well it’s not that sunny here- must be a bigger problem in sunny countries”.

For those of us who work outdoors in Ireland, it’s not unfair to suggest that the last thing on an outdoor workers mind is “harmful rays from the sun”

However reading a recent post from the RTE Website it was shocking to be advised that skin cancer among outdoor workers of all kinds in Ireland is a real health risk that many of us here in Ireland need to deal with?

Therefore we share the information to promote healthy practices in the workplace! (Source:http://rte.ie/news/2017/0501/871584-most-skin-cancer-deaths-among-outdoor-workers/)

In so far as Skin Cancer in Ireland is concerned There Are Some Shocking Stats From The Irish Cancer Society

“One in four skin cancer deaths in Ireland are from the construction, outdoor and farming industries according to the Irish Cancer Society”.

Over 10,000 people are diagnosed with skin cancer every year in Ireland.

The Irish Cancer Society is appealing to Irish farmers and construction workers to be extra vigilant during the summer months.

It follows a recent report published in the British Journal of Cancer that shows working in the sun could lead to one death and around five melanoma cases a week.

The charity is calling on companies who have workers predominately outdoors to put in place policy in relation to protection from sun exposure


When It Comes To Skin Cancer in Ireland Deep Down Most of Us in Ireland Know We Should Use Sun Protection More- But Remember the Whole Point of This Post is to Draw Attention to the Risks of working Outdoors in the Sun

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