CPR in Irish Schools-A Novel Heart Initiative That Will Save Lives in Ireland?

CPR in Irish Schools-A Novel Heart Initiative That Will Save Lives in Ireland?

CPR in Irish Schools-What a Great Idea-Teaching CPR in Schools!

CPR in Irish schools- Novel Training (post-primary) is commencing early next year.

We all realize that people have heart attacks in Ireland. That’s not a newsworthy of itself, but if you dwell on it

“How many of us are either prepared or equipped to deal with such an emergency situation”?

Imagine instead of just ringing 112 or 999 for a cardiac arrest victim – his or hers – son or daughter was able to immediately begin CPR, and maybe save a life?


The Irish Heart Foundation teams up with Bank of Ireland to train a new generation of lifesavers!

The Irish Heart Foundation in association with Bank of Ireland has launched the CPR 4 schools training programme. Designed for post-primary schools – the innovative programme equips teachers with the skills to deliver CPR training to teach their students

CPR in Irish Schools Training- We believe this is a fantastic idea because is it not a great idea that our children will grow up for the rest of their lives with a skill that will enable them to maybe save lives. That is good for our society going forward too.

Even as Important as CPR Should Be the availability of a Public Access Defibrillator?

The American Heart Association has even rewritten its guidelines to say that defibrillator shocks should be delivered first in a cardiac arrest, before basic life-support techniques.

Some of you may not know that having access to a public access defibrillator is even better than CPR.

Any organization in Ireland that has a heavy footfall of people really should stock a defibrillator and makes its presence well known to all and sundry.

It will demonstrate your high standards when it comes to customer or patrons safety.

The idea of using one may for what are actually unfounded reasons seem daunting but the reality is that modern public access defibrillators are actually easy to use.

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