Make Sure You Follow Good Food Hygiene practices this summer!

Make Sure You Follow Good Food Hygiene practices this summer!

Good Food Hygiene Practices Help You Avoid Illness

Poor food hygiene is just as much a risk to our health here in Ireland as in more sunny climates. For the winter we often have the winter vomiting bug to contend with, not to mention worries about what our children might pick up at school.

It’s not unfair to suggest that in the sunnier, feel good days of summer, despite knowing deep down the risks of poor hygiene, some of us might cut corners – maybe we let bad habits creep in- or maybe some of us just even get lazy.

We are creating this post after reading an article from The Irish Sun warning people “to take care of hygiene and food preparation after largest outbreak of salmonella in country over past 10 years”

Check Out These Tips For Food-Preparation-Hygiene

These Tips were sourced from the World Health Organisation. Food Hygiene may soound like a boring topic, but get violently ill and you may wish you had paid more attention to safe food preparation practices!

Just Some Products To Help Your Food Preparation Hygiene Needs

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