Irish Flu 2018

Irish Flu 2018

Irish Flu 2018 - It's a Bad One?

Irish Flu 2018 – it’s still with us with us you know?

It seems like every third person you talk to mentions the current flu outbreak or somebody they know that is very sick with the flu.
And we are subjected regularly too, to many newspaper articles reminding us how bad the 2018 flu outbreak is.

The newspapers, in reality, are to be commended for reminding the public of the dangers a flu outbreak presents.
It’s not outrageous to state .. that many of us are simply far too Lax with our health on a day-to-day basis.
How many of us regularly wash your hands properly during the flu season.
How many of us fail to hammer home with our children the importance of washing their hands.


A real problem is that it is silent and deadly and spreads so easily.
If you touch a surface or object that a person with the flu virus has touched,  you are in danger of contracting the virus yourself,  and that is particularly frightening.
The only good news in this respect is the fact that the flu virus does not survive for extended periods of time on surfaces and objects unlike other nasties out there.  However,  if you think about it it’s just so easy to contract the flu, and really many of us adopt the attitude that it will not happen to me,  and that can be famous last words so to speak.

We Cannot Cure the Irish Flu 2018 For You- But We Can Help You To Prevent It?

When it comes to preventing the Irish flu in 2018-Specialist hygiene products that we sell can help any homeowner or business, to be more productive at taking steps to prevent the spread of the flu virus.

Obviously, the HSE primary advice about handwashing is incontrovertible, but even they will concede that everyday household or office objects can harbor the virus-from door handles to computer keyboards and phones.

As you will have seen from our video our specialist products such as Sanigard Spray and Foggers can sanitize any surfaces instantly without the need to wash anything (hence will not damage expensive electronics) and indeed a Fogger can sanitize an entire room in 15 minutes which should be something to note big time for schools or nursing homes for example.

HSE Ireland-Website-Has Some Great Information on the Flu!

How it is spread

The flu virus is spread in the small droplets of saliva coughed or sneezed into the air by an infected person.  If you breathe in these droplets, you may become infected.

Flu can also spread if someone with the virus touches common surfaces such as a door handle with unwashed hands.

Typically several different strains of flu virus circulate at the same time. In 2010-11 one of the season’s strains was H1N1, responsible for swine flu.

The infectious period

Symptoms develop one to four days (two days on average) after being infected.

People with flu are usually infectious (can spread the virus) a day before symptoms start and remain infectious for five or six days. Children and people with weaker immune systems (such as cancer patients) may remain infectious for slightly longer.

Try to avoid all unnecessary contact with others during this infectious period.

HSE Ireland-Flu Section

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