Home Carers in Ireland 2017 Nominations

Home Carers in Ireland 2017 Nominations

Home Carers in Ireland Nominations Close
15th September 2017

Home Carers in Ireland should be admired by us all for what they contribute to our society, both economically and emotionally.

We live in challenging economic times with strains on the health services available in countries worldwide.

Let’s face it – We will all get old- or sick along the way to some degree or another.

When that happens we will be grateful for the love and kindness of others, be they, family or friends.

We live in a celebrity culture where adulation of pop stars, sports stars, actors and actresses seems to be the norm!. Yet do we personally know these people?

What about some everyday home heroes- here in Ireland?

Everyday ordinary people like you and I who show the kindness we are all capable of , to those who need it?

Home Carers in Ireland- Give them some acknowledgement?

Through out Ireland, Family Carers dedicate themselves to providing remarkable levels of care in the home to their loved ones.

Once a year we can give them the acknowledgement they deserve through the CarePlus Carers of the Year Awards.

We need your help to identify these carers. If you know a Carer, whether a relative, neighbour or a friend, who you think should be recognised and rewarded for the extraordinary levels of care they provide to a loved one, then please fill in the nomination form below and return it to us.

Home Carers in Ireland -heroes

Click the Button Below To Visit the Family Carers Ireland Website

And Nominate someone you know- deserving of our respect and gratitude- for an award.

By doing so you help the culture of home help here in Ireland.

Most of us are brought up to appreciate that important word “Thanks”.

Home Carers in Ireland-Selfless work for others?

There are over 200,000 Family Carers in Ireland who provide high levels of care, at home, for children and adults with special needs, severe disabilities, mental illnesses, frail older people and people who are terminally ill.

Carers need to be constantly available due to the high levels of social and health care needed at home and in a case of emergency.

The carer’s life centers on the needs of the person requiring care.

Carers often overlook or suppress their own health and emotional needs in their concern for looking after the person they love.

Not to detract from, the importance of what this post is about, for those who are home carers we would advise you that we have a wide range of very practical products available for home carers on our sister site- which you can visit by clicking the image below- and there are a number of incentives for shopping online from the comfort of your own home.

Obviously, on this site, we have a wide range of Hygiene Products stocked, which should be of help to all home carers as we have supplied nursing homes in Ireland for years.


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