The Hidden Enemies in a GAA Dressing Room?

The Hidden Enemies in a GAA Dressing Room?

Protect Your GAA Dressing Room From Germs

The GAA dressing room is an important place.
If you think about it is an area where our players congregate before matches.
The dressing room is a place where friendships are forged, team spirit established, an important place where coaches impart their knowledge and influence and so much more besides.
Locker rooms are also places where players catch their breath, relax after a game, congratulate each other on a game well played.
But they can also be a problem area for health and hygiene.
It does not immediately spring to mind for many,  that our GAA dressing rooms are also a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses.

“The warm and moist environment in the locker room allows for germs and bacteria to be found everywhere,” says Jack Foley, ATC, director of sports medicine and head athletic trainer at Lehigh University. “It’s often the things you can’t see that harm you the most.”

If you think about it, the GAA dressing room is where our players congregate before and after a match, but with some players already harboring transmittable bacteria or viruses.

After matches players again congregate, this time covered in sweat and dirt.They touch objects and things in the dressing room making it easy for germs to propagate, multiply and spread.Just one open wound that contracts bacteria, germs or a virus can prove detrimental not only to the unfortunate victim but to anyone else who comes in close contact with them

It is not rocket science to suggest that if you think about it  GAA locker rooms are places where hygiene needs to play a very important role, for the players, the teams, and the club. Is it not the case that our GAA clubs should be protected from germs and bacteria, waiting invisibly to strike.Germs do not discriminate on the grounds of age, religion, gender or wealth. There will take whoever they can take.
Remember many avoidable illnesses are capable of keeping a GAA player “out of action” for quite a while

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