A great way to get rid of chewing gum in Ireland

A great way to get rid of chewing gum in Ireland

A great way to get rid of chewing gum

Looking for a great way to get rid of chewing gum – then read on!

Its amazing how a simple product-chewing gum- can leave so much problems in its wake after use.

Discarded chewing gum affects all sorts of businesses in Ireland:

  • Shopping centres, and leisure centres
  • Sports and concert premises
  • Schools, Colleges, and Universities
  • Outdoor play areas and leisure parks
  • Office and local business entrances
  • City centre paths and walkways

Discarded chewing gum is a major litter problem across Ireland, with lobby group Irish Business Against Litter estimating the annual clean-up costing as much as €20m.

Some Alarming Facts

(Scotland) Discarded chewing gum never breaks down. It makes our towns and cities look grubby, harms our wildlife and uses up a hefty chunk of our public budgets – on average, each bit of gum costs only 3p to buy, but £1.50 to clean up.

Over 1.5 million kilos of chewing gum is annually accumulated on the streets of the Netherlands, costing the country millions of euros to remove.


Dublin City Council alone will spend around €250,000 removing gum from the city centre’s main pathways this year.

And it costs the council more than €130,000 just to clean the gum off Grafton Street, Henry Street and O’Connell Street.

Great way to get rid of chewing gum- Our Solution

Removes chewing gum and other sticky compounds from  upholstery and carpets.

Spray directly onto chewing gum until white frost appears.

Chip away frozen gum with blunt knife or similar.

Brush or vacuum away.