The Dangers of House Flies in Ireland

The Dangers of House Flies in Ireland

The Dangers of Ignoring House Flies in Ireland?

Two Great Ways To Deal With House Flies?

The everyday House Flies in Ireland will easily become a part of our everyday lives if we let them away with it.

They breed easily and multiply quickly. Deep down we all know that.

Perhaps it is because they do not bite us, unlike mosquitoes for example, that some of us tolerate them more than we should.

Whilst we have a self-interest herein, it is nevertheless worth reflecting upon the dangers that these annoying creatures pose to our everyday health.

Apart from being a big annoyance either in the home or workplace, house flies can and do actually pose a danger to your family, customers or work employees, because they are capable carriers of salmonella, parasitic worms and other dangerous bacteria which can lead to vomiting bugs and other illnesses in us mere mortals.when

When you consider how they breed there is no surprise in this- as female house flies lay eggs on a decomposing matter like faeces, rubbish and animal corpses. Diseases are therefore lurking in their legs and in the numerous small hairs on their bodies. When they land on any new surface like foodstuffs the diseases can be transferred immediately to the material. In addition, house flies need to break down solid food before they can eat it and they do this by covering it with saliva which could also contain pathogens. If they land on foodstuffs they essential vomit on it to enable digestion!

House Flies in Ireland Spread Disease at Home or at Work

Houseflies are guilty of transmitting diseases as a fact.

Conjunctivitis, Gastroenteritis, Salmonella and much more.

They are difficult to get rid of and breed quickly and plentifully.

How Flies Transmit Disease

Whilst they do not bite like mosquitoes they nevertheless transmit disease easily by contaminating food and cooking equipment. Flies accumulate pathogens on their legs and mouths when the females lay eggs on decomposing matter like faeces, rubbish and animal corpses.

How You Can Catch Infection

You can suffer an infection

Through using cooking equipment contaminated by them.

Or if they make direct contact with a sore or scratch.

Or if you consume food or drink they have infected.

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House Flies in Ireland

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