Coronavirus and Your Watch

Coronavirus and Your Watch

Coronavirus and Your Watch

Coronavirus and Your Watch: Many might ask whats my watch got to do with COVID 19?

We are all now educated about social distancing – facemasks (yes we sell them) -but not everyone is fully aware of the dangers of bacteria and viruses when it comes to common surfaces.

Study suggests new coronavirus may remain on surfaces for days

Source: National Institutes of Health (US)

Now Consider How Clean is Your Watch?

Let’s be realistic-When is the last time you sanitised your watch?

  • You wear it every day
  • You touch it several times a day
A study by Tic Watches in the UK , they tested for the presence of bacteria, yeast and mould on 10 different kinds of watches and found that our regular watches & smart-watches are actually a breeding ground for germs.

Source: Tic Watches

Whether you wear a watch every day, or just during working hours, one thing is for certain, we don’t clean them as much as we wash our hands.’

The same study found that fitness watches – that’s your trusty Apple watch, FitBit and other wearable trackers – were eight times filthier than a toilet sea

The moral of the story is that something we wear and use every day can be harbouring pathogens injurious to health including Coronavirus.

We respectfully suggest you form a habit of cleaning your watch and thoroughly disinfect it.

For watches where they are not waterproof, we have a solution through the use of SaniGuard Spray (see below).

Solutions To Sanitise Your Watch

There are a few ways to Clean Your Watch

Sanitise your Watch and Smartphones with this Novel Product

The SaniGuard range of sprays and foggers will kill Coronavirus, other viruses and bacteria easily and quickly that are lurking on your electronic gadgets.

Because the spray is dry on contact it is safe on all expensive electronics-smartphones-watches-any touch screen device.

This product is ideal to use where traditional disinfectant liquids are unsafe to use.