Christmas Food Safety Tips

Christmas Food Safety Tips

Christmas Food Safety Matters

If you just think about it Christmas Food safety matters because firstly we eat maybe a lot more than usual.

The kitchen becomes a busy place-cooking the turkey and cooking all the delicious things like sprouts, roasties, stuffing etc. It should be no major surprise that in such a busy kitchen environment germs can thrive……..lurking and waiting for a victim.

There are lots of areas for risk such as-Worktop germs- cutting boards- cutlery and dishes- undercooked turkey-and even your own hands can harbour these nasties.

Hence it pays to be prepared in advance for your hygiene in the kitchen at Christmas

Did You Know?

By just using warm soap and water to clean, you are not actually killing the bacteria when you wash in this way. To kill the bacteria you need to wash the surfaces at temperatures above 70°C and maintain that temperature for some time. This temperature is too hot for your hands without the risk of serious scalding.


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