A Harsh Winter Ahead in Ireland ?

A Harsh Winter Ahead in Ireland ?

Is There A Harsh Winter Ahead in Ireland ?

Whilst researching the upcoming weather I came across this article from the Irish Sun….”The bookies are predicting the worst winter for almost a decade”.

It got me thinking that after the remarkable summer weather we had in 2018…are we going to have a remarkable winter as well?

Being a believer in climate change you never know, and how often do the bookies get it wrong?.

It’s not unfair to suggest that when it comes to preparing one’s self for bad winter weather in Ireland many people and indeed businesses do not prepare themselves for problems that might be just around the corner because of bad weather:

  • icy slippy roads and footpath
  • slippy paths and entrances to our homes
  • entrances¬†to business premises dangerous because of ice
Harsh Winter Ahead in Ireland 2019?

Prepare For A Harsh Winter Ahead in Ireland?

I am writing this short post partly to remind our customers and visitors that we stock a number of products that would be a great help to any householder or local business, prudently planning now for a bad winter that could lie ahead.